We offer a 360 Solution for all your Website and Computer needs.

Stop worrying about your Website!

  • Do you want to represent your small Business, Organization or Community with a new website that makes sense to your visitors?
  • Want a website that makes you look good, is easy to navigate, connects with social media, increases your revenue, is secure, cost-efficient and easy to maintain?
  • Does your website, as it stands today, help you attract the clients you want to work with tomorrow?
  • You got “ghosted” by your Designer/Admin? Your website is old and/or no longer updated, too expensive incl. high maintenance or hosting cost?
  • You just need someone who takes care of your website so that you can take care of your business?

Our team of WordPress experts will look after all your website needs. We care about you and your business. We will help and support you to make your website a great success and a significant business asset.

Website related services

Web Site Consulting

New Entrepreneur Startup website consulting

Business Optimization utilizing your Website

Web Optimized Marketing, i.e. E-Commerce

Web Design (WordPress)

Custom E-Commerce & Non E-Commerce Websites

Social Media and Marketing Optimized Website

Optimizing, updating your existing (WP) website

Client Hosting

12 MONTHS FREE hosting for New Website Clients

Super Fast VPS Client Hosting

Low Cost Domains & Registration
Domain Transfer & Migration

Maintenance & Security

WP Website Migration

WP Website Security packages

WP Backup packages
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Social Media Packages

Setting up Social Media Sites

Social Media Posting Service packages

Social Media Ads

Website Support

WP Website training Session (DIY)

Many other website related services … Just ask us 😉

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Is your computer increasing your level of frustration
when you are trying to use it?

Does it seem to have a life of its own and behaving badly like:

  • Suddenly shutting down and/or it will not start?
  • Computer starts but monitor is blank?
  • It is starting but it hangs on loading your Windows OS?
  • Operating System (MS Windows) and/or software is behaving abnormally?
  • Strange noises coming from your computer?
  • Computer is very slow or freezing up?
  • Slow and patchy WiFi or LAN connection?
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)?
  • etc.

Do not worry! We can help!

Personal & Business Computer Services & Solutions

Diagnostics & Repair

Computer Diagnostics/Troubleshooting

Computer Repair

Computer Upgrades


Virus, Spyware, Malware, Adware Removal

PC Cleaning/Dusting/Tune Up

Maintenance Packages

Backup & Recovery

Online & Offline Data Backup Services

Password recovery

Data recovery

Personal & Commercial Networking

Setup/configuration of wired & wireless routers

Installation of Workstations/“Toy” Servers

Sharing files and data

Custom Built Computers

Office and Workstation Computers with or without Networking Systems

Personal & Gaming Computers

Servers and “Toy” servers

MS Windows or Alternative Operating Systems

Computer Training Session

Work with your installed programs

Computer Peripherals

Software installs

“How to’s” for your everyday computing