Data Backup

Be proactive and protect yourself from any data loss threads; including natural disasters, ransomware, malware and computer hardware and software failures.

We provide you with backup solutions to safeguard your system and files for:

  • Personal Computers
  • Workstations (because employees still save work files locally)
  • Servers
  • NAS backup services

Options for backup storage:

  • Your own local external devices
  • Cloud (to your existing Cloud account or we will set up a secure Cloud account for you)
  • Local plus Cloud backup

Backup Frequency:

After we carefully examine your backup needs, we will suggest the most sensible solution(s). Thereafter, we will get to work and backup your precious data.


  • NEVER worry about your valuable digital data again
  • You will be in the driver seat and have 24/7 access to all your backups
  • We will set you up for success and not abandon you if you need help accessing your backups
  • We can restore your backups for you if you wish
  • We can teach you how to access and restore your backups
We will backup your precious data to your own storage devices; and/or upload it to a fully managed backup service in the cloud.

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Data Recovery

In this age of technology, many people are using their computers to store and save their valuable business and/or personal information on.
We will restore and/or recover your data In the event of an emergency, a crashed or corrupted hard drive.
We can help to get some or all of your data back.

*Some conditions may apply* 

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Unfortunately, in many cases this data can be lost due to accidental data deletion, unexpected hardware failure, ransomware, malware and software malfunction.

If there are no backups, data loss can cause severe problems and stress in business or personal life.

No matter what the cause of the data loss is, we will recover* and restore your data as fast as possible.

*some conditions may apply