Website Consulting

Static Websites are out!

With our ever-growing use of the Internet, whether shopping or finding any information of interest (examples: entertainment, courses, education, etc), we are using the internet. It has become a huge part of our daily routines and is covering up pretty much all aspects of our life.

People are using the Internet to quickly and efficiently engage with the online world to find anything what they are looking for. Reading some outdated boring information simply doesn’t cut it anymore when you want to retain and/or attract new or old clients/customers. A static Website, which would be just an extension of your business card, does not win you any new clients or customers, nor does it deepen the connection with your existing clientele.

Not only will your clients/customers benefit from a well-designed and well-structured appealing website, but you will also gain additional benefit from it on a daily basis.
A well designed website can easily be used to streamline and optimize your business or organization, reduce or eliminate ineffective use of time and hence, lower your business overhead and increase your business revenue.

Below are some examples how this could be accomplished:

  • Use online forms with auto-responders for re-occurring questions you ask your clients/customers
  • Add “Frequently Asked Questions & Answers” (FAQ) to your website instead of wasting time explaining over the phone or by email
  • Make specific information available in the form of  downloadable (PDF) documents and/or brochures for your target audience.
  • Serve and maintain your existing client base via (automated) promotional newsletters about specials, events, changes etc…
  • Use lead management tools (i.e. landing pages) as an easy, cost efficient way to attract new clients
  • Easily engage with a minimum of effort through Social Media with potential new clients/customers

We will critically examine and analyze your benefits if you would:

  • Go E-commerce, selling your products and services online
  • Manage bookings for events or personal appointments
  • How your skills, experience, knowledge can be monetized by creating ‘Evergreens’ like online courses, a membership website with educational videos etc.

This is why we want to talk with you. We want to make things happen for you which benefit you and your organization the most, using your website as an excellent cost-efficient power tool doing all this for you.

Your well-designed custom optimized webpage becomes more than just “Your calling card”. It generates those first positive impressions of your company/brand/ organization and also becomes a power tool for your success of whatever it is you would like to achieve.

Below are some of the benefits having a website that is well optimized to your needs:

  • Low cost to advertise your business 24/7
  • Most powerful way to reach a large number of new customers who are searching online
  • Easy for current and potential new customers to engage and share your business online
  • Your website is 24/7 “self-promoting”; even if you are not 😉
  • It builds your company & brand awareness in your target group (by providing details about your solutions and products without having to “throw a pitch”)
  • Win-Win fast track communication pathway between you and new/existing customers & followers by staying engaged and become part of the conversation
  • Increase sales by finding out what your target audience is looking for via 24/7 accessible statistics
  • 24/7 access to services/products on the website

Firstly, we want to make it OUR JOB IS to support you in finding out in which way your website will best serve you and your clients/target group’s needs (old and new).
Secondly, we will use this information to create that perfectly streamlined website for you.
And last, but not least ;-), we will design your website in the most cost-efficient way.

After we have created your website, WE WILL NOT ABANDON YOU!

As your trustworthy website solution partner, we are committed to support you and
all your website related needs for as long as you wish.
(i.e. providing Support, Update & Maintenance Packages and much, much more)

We Promise!!! 😉

So? Are you still wondering if it is “worth” it to have a well-designed and optimized webpage?
The answer is a resounding YES!!!